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As a globally recognized biopharmaceuticals company engaged in innovative science to develop new drugs and manufacture life-saving therapies, Biocon is playing a key role in the global efforts to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. We are also contributing towards the nation’s well-being by supporting our communities and the underprivileged who need our help.

1. Monetary Donation: Each employee of Biocon Group of Companies has donated a minimum of one day’s salary in addition to contributions made by the companies. The total contribution will go to the PM Fund to support the underprivileged who need humanitarian aid during this crisis.

2. Feeding the Underprivileged: Biocon Foundation collaborated with Akshaya Patra Foundation to ensure better access to food and nutrition for the underprivileged who are currently facing hunger due to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis. The Foundation has provided 20,000 ‘COVID-19 Relief Care Package Food Kits’ to daily wage earners and migrant laborers.

3. Contributing to Research: • Biocon is repurposing its biological therapy ALZUMAb (Itolizumab) for COVID-19.

• We have received DCGI approval for a clinical trial of Itolizumab, an anti-CD-6 IgG1 monoclonal antibody, in moderate to severe patients with COVID-19 complications. Itolizumab binds to CD6 receptor and inhibits T-cell activation, thereby inhibiting production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. We believe that ‘cytokine storm,’ which is a complication of COVID-19, can thus be treated with Itolizumab. Itolizumab, a novel biologic developed by Biocon was commercialized in India for Plaque Psoriasis in 2013.

4. Offering life-saving therapies on priority to state governments: Biocon Biologics has reached out to various state governments in India, offering them support during this crisis through our life-saving medicines, including insulin and cancer therapies, at affordable price to enable them to look after the growing needs of patient during COVID-19. see less

Biocon Biologics India Limited (populary knows as Biocon Biologics) is a Public Subsidiary of Foreign Company registered under RoC-Bangalore. It is a company limited by shares registered on 08-June, 2016 at the Registrar of Companies. Its primary business activity is Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof).

Biocon Biologics India Limited is currently Active, and its full contact address is available in our contact details section.

Biocon Biologics India Limited is 4 year(s), 3 month(s) and 16 day(s) old, and the last Annual Return was filed on 31-March, 2017. More tax related information about this company is available in our tax details section.

Who is the owner of Biocon Biologics?
Owner(s)/Director(s) of Biocon Biologics are Bobby Kanubhai Parikh, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Nivruti Rai, Arun Suresh Chandavarkar, John Russell Fotheringham Walls, Daniel Mark Bradbury, and Christiane Heinz Hamacher.


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