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About Company

Clinic London Limited is a Private Limited Company registered in United Kingdom. It was incorporated on 11-January, 2007 at the Registrar of Companies.

Clinic London Limited is currently Liquidation, and its full contact address is available here.

Clinic London Limited is 13 year(s), 8 month(s) and 17 day(s) old, and the last Annual Return was filed on 11-January, 2016. More tax related information about this company is available here.

Who is the owner of CLINIC LONDON LIMITED?
Owner/Director of CLINIC LONDON LIMITED are Guy Richard Hatton, Andrew Scott Hunns, Kenneth Arthur Ansell, Anthony John Pace, Chalfen Secretaries Limited, David Dragon, Helen Maria Davies, Mark Frederick Stanley Nicholls, Chalfen Nominees Limited, Adrian John Miles, David Lewis, and Helen Maria Davies.

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