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Hi-klass Farms Private Limited is majorly in Agriculture and Allied Activities business from last 26 years and currently, company operations are active

Hi-Klass Farms Private Limited (populary knows as Hi-Klass Farms) is a Private Non-govt company registered under RoC-Mumbai. It is a company limited by shares registered on 27-May, 1994 at the Registrar of Companies. Its primary business activity is Agriculture and Allied Activities.

Hi-Klass Farms Private Limited is currently Active, and its full contact address is available in our contact details section.

Hi-Klass Farms Private Limited is 26 year(s), 4 month(s) and 4 day(s) old, and the last Annual Return was filed on 31-March, 2017. More tax related information about this company is available in our tax details section.

Who is the owner of Hi-Klass Farms?
Owner(s)/Director(s) of Hi-Klass Farms are Asha Rajendrakumar Jain, and Rajendrakumar Indarchand Jain.


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