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Quality assurance

The quality is the soul of pride, but also insist on our forever. The factory strictly implements ISO9001, TS16949, UL and other international certification quality management standards, and builds and improves quality monitoring and prevention system to ensure product quality and stability.
The quality of Huizhou pride Electronics Co. company policy
Be realistic and pragmatic, lean manufacturing: teamwork and continuous improvement: to meet the development needs of customers.

The environmental policy of Huizhou City pride Electronics Co. Ltd. as
Environmental policy: to cherish resources and protect the environment is our due responsibility for the sustainable development of tomorrow.

Process control
1. main material entry inspection

We use Sheng Yi, Lian Mao, ISOLA, KB, Gao Shi and other famous brand raw materials at home and abroad, and check and store materials according to international standards.

2. good PCB file processing capability

We have experienced CAM and MI engineers, and the perfect MI standard. It can provide raw data with the most reasonable optimization for customers, and eliminate all kinds of defects in PCB design from the source.

3. production process monitoring

Our production and control procedures correspond to one by one. Only to ensure that the quality is qualified will be transferred to the next process, so that "good products are produced, not detected."

4. maintenance and maintenance of instruments and equipment

We regularly maintain the equipment according to the ISO standard to ensure that the production equipment is produced in the best working condition, and the results of the inspection equipment are true and effective.

5. product shipment control

We will inspect the finished products according to IPC Class 2, and ensure that the products are shipped to the customers after being qualified.

6. after sale service

We have a professional QA team to respond to all kinds of unusual quality problems made by customers, and make effective improvement measures to ensure customer satisfaction.